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Africa Aging Research Directory

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logo-ISOADPublished on November 18, 2015:

Currently the WHO Aging Research Directory for Africa is being updated (the latest update was in 2003). All types of aging research are being included, yet hopefully the updated version will include a stronger emphasis on the biological and biomedical research of aging and longevity.

If you know of researchers of aging in Africa or related to Africa, especially involved in biomedical and biological research of aging and longevity, their contact information, or can help connect with them, please let know.

Here is the Africa Aging Research Directory from 2003 that is now being updated.

This can be a wonderful opportunity to strengthen aging and longevity research in Africa, as:

1) It can emphasize the place of Africa in the WHO aging health care agenda.

2) Help the recognition, networking and collaboration of aging researchers in Africa and in relation to Africa.

3) Can strengthen the role of biomedical and biological research of aging in the entire WHO agenda.

Thank you for your help in this important project – strengthening aging research in Africa!

You are also welcome to join the informal longevity activists forums and groups for Africa, both regional and national!

Regional groups:

Longevity Africa
Longecity Africa Regional Forum
Longevity for All – Africa Section
National groups:

- Benin – West Africa – Longevite Afrique de l’Ouest Benin


Additional group:

- Egypt ~ ‘Longevity Egypt’


Additional group:


Additional site:

- Israel ~ ‘Israeli Longevity Alliance’ (strong connection with Africa)

- Morocco ~ ‘Longevity Morocco’



- Nigeria ~ ‘Longevity Nigeria’


- South Africa ~ ‘Longevity South Africa’


Page :

- Uganda ~ ‘Longevity Party of Uganda’




Update as of April 10, 2016. And here is the final product of that survey. As per the letter received from WHO Multi-Country Studies Unit:
“We are pleased to inform you that the Directory of Research on Ageing in Africa: 2004-2015 has been uploaded to the UN Population Division website. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to the Directory. We hope it will help enhance your research efforts and collaborations.” (Longevity for All / Israeli Longevity Alliance is also included, pp. 80-81)

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