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Longevity Iran website


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We are very proud and delighted to announce the creation of the world’s first site in Persian dedicated to promotion of aging and longevity science! Longevity Iran:

It is a premier knowledge hub, including blog articles, books, databases, organizations and more. It will serve as an invaluable platform to promote longevity research and advocacy in Persian, and strengthen the Persian-speaking pro-longevity community in Iran and around the world!

Great many thanks to the site creators! And many thanks to all who supported this initiative. In fact, this was the project performed by the Iranian Longevity Alliance (, in cooperation with Israeli Longevity Alliance, and India Future Society! Let us hope there will be many more such international collaborations for the promotion of longevity for all! And let us hope there will be many more sites and materials on longevity science in all languages.

Please help this initiative to develop, by inviting Persian-speaking friends to contribute relevant materials or promoting the site in relevant venues.

Please create similar sites and materials on longevity science in your language!

Thank you!

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