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Longevity Day and Longevity Month – October 2017

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201710Dear friends,

Following the tradition since 2013, on July 1 — 3 months ahead of October 1 — we begin promoting the organization of events for the Longevity Day / Longevity Month campaign in October, in support of biomedical aging and longevity research.

Within this tradition, hundreds of events and promotions have been organized by longevity research activists around the world: in 2013 events and promotions were organized in over 30 countries, in 2014 in over 20 countries, in 2015 in over 40 countries (the record), and in 2016 in over 20 countries. Hopefully, this year the campaign will also be far researching and encouraging.

This could be a great opportunity to organize an online or live meeting in one’s area to strengthen the longevity advocacy community or organize a special publication or promotion (in different languages) to increase the awareness of the longevity cause. With a sufficient joint demonstration of support, we will be able to draw the attention and sympathy of the “mainstream” public and decision makers.

For example, in Israel, as a part of this year’s “Longevity Month” campaign, a conference will be held on October 15, in Bar Ilan University, including presentations on longevity science by leading Israeli researchers and a prize competition for young longevity scientists, with promotions in the media.

Furthermore, during the campaign, Israeli longevity research advocates will distribute the book: “Longevity Promotion: Multidisciplinary Perspectives”

If you organize or plan to organize an event or promotion for this campaign, please let know. We will create a joint register of events and publications of this campaign and promote them all together – to increase the global outreach and impact of the campaign.

You are welcome to contact me directly. Thanks!

Ilia Stambler, PhD (campaign promoter)

Facebook page:

Here are some more examples of events and promotions from the past years organized by longevity research activists around the world in the framework of the “Longevity Day / Longevity Month” campaign.






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