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Organizing events for the International Longevity Day / Month campaign in October

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This year, as every year since 2013, there is an initiative to organize events and publications in support of healthy longevity R&D and education, during the Longevity Day or Longevity Month – starting from October 1 (the International Day of Older People, sometimes also called in the longevity community the “Longevity Day”) through the entire month of October (the “Longevity Month”). Such a campaign allows the longevity activists to present a united international front, draw the broad public attention to the longevity cause, build up the longevity communities, and exercise and enhance their organizational and outreach capabilities.

Traditionally, the International Longevity Alliance (ILA) took a strong part in promoting the Longevity Day / Month campaign, yet many like-minded organizations joined the efforts, producing hundreds of pro-longevity events in dozens of countries.

Also traditionally, since 2013, the preparations for the campaign intensify about 3 months before the events, starting from the beginning of July.

Keeping this tradition, longevity activists are encouraged to organize events and publications for the Longevity Day and Month around the world in October.

(Here are some examples of activities from the past 10 years of the campaign

This year the ILA recommends placing a focus on organizing live events (that was difficult even last year, but is feasible now), including such public activist events as demonstrations, that have been proven to be effective activist tools to draw attention to a cause for any significant and successful social movement. For this year’s International Longevity Day (October 1) some demonstrations in support of Longevity R&D and Education are already being planned in several countries – in Israel, Belgium, Germany, Spain.

If you are planning some activities for the longevity day and month (such as outdoors demonstrations or indoors meetups or publications), happy to be in touch to coordinate and publicize together to increase the general interest and impact.

Ilia Stambler

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