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Promoting longevity research on October 1 – The International Day of Older Persons


Dear Friends,

There are now efforts by longevity activists around the world to organize events dedicated to promotion of longevity research on or around October 1 – the International Day of Older Persons. This symbolic day can be a great opportunity to raise the topic of longevity research in the mainstream.

Last year, events for that day – ranging from small meetings of friends to seminars and rather large conferences, alongside publications, distributions of outreach materials (petitions and flyers) and media appearances – were held in over 30 countries.

Also in this year, events around that day are already being planned in several countries (the list is yet to be expanded).

Some events that are already scheduled on or around the Longevity Day – October 1, 2014 – in different countries:

Belgium. Brussels. Eurosymposium on Healthy Aging. Belgium. October 1-3.


Russia. Moscow. Conference – Older Patient. Quality of Life – October 6-7.


Israel. Bar Ilan University. Longevity Research and Its Social and Policy Implications. October 1.


Canada. Huntington University.  Seminar on muscle wasting and oxidative damage in aging. October 1


The  UK. London. London Futurists Meetup. The new future of old age. September 27.


Looking forward to more! 

Some suggestions for organization:

The main events that could be organized could include: 1) organizing live and online meetings (from topical discussions with a few friends to large scale conferences), and 2) writing and distributing texts – including in national languages (petitions, blog posts, flyers, media press releases, etc.).

And the methods of their organization are simple: 1) Just thinking what *you* can organize in your area and inviting friends among longevity activists to think what *they* can organize, 2) writing and distributing texts and appeals.

As October 1 is the “International Day of Older Persons” officially recognized by the UN, this could be a fantastic opportunity for longevity activists to organize and contact politicians and media to raise interest in the subject of longevity research. Let us celebrate and advance Longevity for All on October 1, and possibly extend the outreach following this date, as convenient, into a week or a month.

We may yet establish a special Longevity Day not to coincide with the International Day of Older Persons (possibly toward the summer). But for now, let us make the best of the International Day of Older Persons to raise the awareness of longevity research as a real way to help the aged.

With little effort we can organize a series of highly influential and synergistic events around the world.

There are already several initiatives under way in different countries. Let us create more! Please spread the word and engage others. Please share your suggestions.

E.g. In case you would like to distribute flyers, please consider distributing flyers for the promotion of SENS Research Foundation fundraising campaign that officially starts exactly on October 1: https://www.fight-aging-fund-reseaerch/posters .

Thank you!

Ilia Stambler 

Coordinator. Longevity for All.


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