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Longevity Day and Longevity Month – October 2018

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Longevity Day and Month

(Updated November 1, 2018)

As every year since 2013, we organize the campaign: International Longevity Day (October 1) and/or International Longevity Month (October) in support of biomedical research of aging and longevity. In the past 5 years, hundreds of events, meetings, publications and promotions in dozens of countries were held as a part of this campaign.

Also this year, excellent events were organized as a part of the Longevity Month campaign in October, including: 

1. France

The conference of the International Society on Aging and Disease on October 5-7 in Nice

2. Spain 

Transvision 2018 on October 19-21 in Madrid

3. Israel

Awareness campaign – Healthy Longevity through research and development (throughout October).

A conference at the Weizman Institute of Science “Promoting Longevity: Targeting Aging and Age-related Diseases”

4. Belgium

Announcing the results of the Longevity Film Competition (organized by HEALES, SENS Research Foundation and ILA) on October 1

5. Russia

The international school “Mechanisms of Aging and Age-Related Diseases” – Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology from September 30 to October 3

6. Italy

Senior Expo. Prevention and Family. Cosenza. October 4,5,6

7. Bulgaria

The conference on Vanguard Scientific Instruments in Management (VSIM) in Ravda, on September 11-16, including a section on longevity and future technologies, with a following promotion and declaration during the International Longevity Day – October 1.

8. Pakistan

An awareness campaign organized by the Pakistan Aging Research Society (PARS) and the National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS)

9. Cyprus

As a part of the Longevity Day/World Day of Older People Celebrations, The Rotary Club of Larnaca held an event on Tuesday 02/10/2018 at 8pm, at Sun Hall Hotel, Larnaca. 
10. Ukraine
A mini-seminar on aging research was held in Kiev, on September 30, as a part of the Longevity Day celebrations.
11. Romania
A meetup in Bucharest on October 14
12. UK
Anti-aging conference London. October 11-13
13. Brazil
On line promotion by NeuroPod


Here are some exemplary events, promotions and publications from the past 5 years of this campaign.

If you organize an event, meeting, publication or any other kind of promotion – please share your plans, so this year too we can create a sizeable public awareness campaign in support of aging and longevity research, development and application.

Ilia Stambler

Longevity for All



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